Our Services

AAA Financial Solutions mutually agree as follows:

The client(s) wishes to engage the services of AAA Financial Solutions for a FEE.

The Fee for the following services are payable in advance.

Client(s) also understand that it's their responsibility to bring all papers to our office or mail it to us in a timely manner after service has begun. 

___ Securitization  Review: We find out if your loan has been securitized and then inform you of the steps to take.  


We believe that by being informed, knowledgeable you can then make a difference with your bankster. 

___ Mortgage Analysis or Debt Validation This is a unique request sent to either the bank, courts and lawyers to analyze the mortgage and note for mistakes. This information assists in also addressing a pending foreclosure.

We construct a unique letter for each client and their needs. 

___ Securitization Report, We create a complete analysis of the mortgage which is used in court to show who owns the mortgage and note.  

Client(s) must also bring any new paper work they receive after the commencement of our services to our offices in 48 Hours to prevent default in answering additional Complaints from Lawyers.______ ______

Client(s) understand that no forbearance, loan modification or reinstatement guarantees are being implied. AAA Financial Solutions is working as an agent for the client. All decisions on reinstatement and forbearance agreements, modifications are based on individual facts and institutions guide lines.

AAA Financial Solutions agrees to commence services to the client immediately after the signing of this agreement by the Client(s) and AAA Financial Solution and upon complete payment of required fee to AAA Financial Solutions. This is the full and complete agreement by and between the Client(s) and AAA Financial Solutions. Any changes must be agreed to in writing and initialed by all parties.

The Client(s) have read and understand the terms of this agreement and wish to contract AAA Financial Solutions to work on his/her behalf. Client(s) also understands that we are not Lawyers.

If you need legal advice please contact your local lawyer.